All are welcome to the Won Buddhism of Chicago Temple in the spirit of open community.

As you become comfortable with Won Buddhist teaching and practice through regular attendance at weekly services or at group meditation, we encourage you to become a member. Becoming a member of the WBC is an acknowledgment of one’s connection to the Buddhist practice on the path of awakening. It requires at least six months of regular weekly practice. It is commemorated by receiving of a Dharma Name that signifies the beginning of a new journey of spiritual practice to awaken to the Dharma. It is a way to make a commitment to practice and support our sangha, our spiritual community, through regular donation and volunteer service.

Your membership is crucial to building our community dedicated to awakening, compassion, and wisdom.

Membership starts at $10/month and we encourage you to give as generously as you can, knowing that others will benefit from your generosity.

 If you are interested in membership, contact us.